It has been a long, hard, interesting and eventful year. 2020 did not turn out the way any of us expected; it was a law unto itself. It started out like any other year, but by March, there was serious cause for concern; Covid-19 was to define the entire year. From lockdowns to budget shutdowns, we lurched from surprise to consternation, unable to get very much done, and then having to find a way to keep on working in spite of all the constraints. It is a challenge to operate any form of organization in Nigeria; things just do not work out the way they should, but in a year where the whole world has fallen apart, it has been excruciating.

Nevertheless, we must thank God for keeping us through what must be one of the hardest years of our lives. Even if it was nowhere near the kind of celebration we are used to having, we decided to just make it low key but filled with prayers and gratitude for life. We wish our Founder, our Board, Staff, dear Library Users and Patrons, Vendors, Interns, Chosen Youth and all our loved ones a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. May the Good Lord continue to watch over us and give us His Grace and Peace. May we be protected from all the evils that still lurk and from the disasters that still stalk.

May 2021, bring the magic, goodwill, prosperity, strength and a renewed vision so that we can continue the good work we have started. God bless La Roche Leadership Foundation, God bless Nigeria, God bless His world.

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