Today we went to the Leonard Cheshire LIEPO Home in Mushin to see our friends and celebrate yet another birthday with them. Every 7th of September is Leonard Cheshire Day and we like to pay a visit to the LIEPO Home especially during September to celebrate the life of their Founder, who was wonderful Humanitarian. An aviator and fighter pilot with the RAF, on his retirement from active service, he took on the cause of the disabled, creating what is known today as the Cheshire Disability Homes.

With five homes in Nigeria and hundreds around the world, this simple and dignified gentleman challenged the world to look at the plight of the disabled in a new way, not seeing them as a burden, but as normal people who can function like normal if given the chance and specialized equipment.

Cheshire’s work with the disabled is so commendable; his heart for their pain and limitation was compelling. When we stop seeing those with disabilities as unfortunate, burdensome and unproductive, we truly begin to see people as the Almighty sees us. No one can stop a disability from happening, so it is a mystery that we should think that those who have them are less human than anyone else. On this special day, we ask for society to become more sensitive to the disabled anywhere we encounter them.

Viva Leonard Cheshire, well done to the LIEPO Cheshire Disability Homes and their Management and Board members. Thank you for carrying on Cheshire’s great work and for continuing to care.

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