In this new world of social distancing and lockdowns, there is an even greater need to rise to the challenges of our time. 2020 might have started with the promise of new and wonderful things to come, but at this stage in our 2020 journey, the skies seem awfully dark. While we all long for the ease and carefree of former years, that life is gone, probably forever. Until the world figures out the COVID-19 conundrum and how we can thrive in such a world, we all need to remind ourselves that there will always be space for excellence, for service, for diligence, for integrity. So just to remind us of our obligation to live with integrity, the following should be our guide, our boundaries, our compass. Whatever we find is our responsibility, let us perform at our highest competence; let excellence help us nurture the greatness in ourselves and our communities and our nation. And when our nation becomes excellent, we will take that message to the world.

  • If nothing else, always be kind. There is no better way to show good character and strength in who you are. When you have a choice to be right or kind, always choose the kind, give up your need to be right. (Dr. Wayne Dyer)
  • Enjoy life and always live life to the fullest. You only get one life, so live it up.
  • Don’t lose sight of who you are to please others.
  • Create the life you want. You are responsible for what you end up doing.
  • Live your dream no matter what other people may think. Don’t be apologetic about it.
  • No matter what other people say, as long as you did your best and can look yourself in the mirror, you’re doing better than most.
  • Take a risk and go after your dreams. You don’t want to look back and regret not taking advantage of those moments when you could have taken the leap.
  • Courage is what courage does. No matter how scared you are don’t let fear immobilize you.
  • Be honest. Lying gets you nowhere but miserable. Cheating is a great stain on potential greatness.
  • Realize that everyone who walks through your life is there to teach you something. It might be good or bad, but you will be wiser for seeing a lesson in the experience.
  • When in friendship, don’t ever make excuses for someone’s bad treatment of you. There is never a reason for someone to make you feel less than another.
  • Words have power. Use them with care.
  • You can have anything in life you want. If you don’t get it, you didn’t want it badly enough to work hard enough for it.
  • Forgive those who make a mistake, even those who take advantage of your forgiving nature. That is the way you turn the other cheek.
  • Be the person you want people to think you are. Do what you want to be remembered for.
  • No matter how bad your life is, there is someone out there who has it worse. Be thankful for what you do
  • You can always reinvent yourself. Age doesn’t matter, it’s only a number.
  • Always honour those who teach you, they are giving up a part of themselves and that is a sacrifice.
  • Never be in such a hurry that you do not first think of the consequences of your actions.
  • Always be humble. Humility is a sign of greatness.
  • Have a sense of history; ask yourself, “What is the call of my generation?”
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