We always knew that 2020 was going to be a magical year even before it started. There is something so poetic about the way the numbers sit together in perfect harmony. So when we got the call that we had won an award for our work for the last four years on the Access Lagos City Marathon, courtesy of The Deji Tinubu Foundation, we were chuffed beyond words.

As Volunteers, we don’t expect any recompense; we do what we do out of love for our wonderful State, passion for serving and to teach people about giving selflessly. However, it does feel good to be recognized for the years of work, even if we have enjoyed every minute of it.

La Roche Leadership Foundation was awarded the Ayodeji Tinubu Merit Award for services to the Access Lagos City Marathon, now completing its fifth year. Under his leadership of the Lagos State Sports Council, the Access Lagos City Marathon rose from a dream to a road race and then to a race recognized by the Athletics Federation of Nigeria. In its 3rd and 4th years, a bronze rated road race from the IAAF.

Now in this its 5th year, it has risen up to a silver rating from the same IAAF. It has been growing, in popularity, prestige, and prominence to the biggest Marathon on our continent. One day it will join the six elite marathons in the world, as Africa deserves to be on the International Marathon circuit.

Unfortunately, Mr. Ayodeji Tinubu passed away abruptly, but not without infecting us with marathon fever. To his credit and in his memory, the marathon continues to be the most compelling road race in Nigeria and in Africa, as the turnout is staggering from one year to the next.

Huge congratulations and thanks to the Ayodeji Tinubu Foundation, the Lagos State Sports Council, Nilayo Sports and all sponsors of the Access City Lagos Marathon. May his soul continue to rest peacefully, may his memory be a joy and blessing and may his family receive comfort knowing he has left a huge legacy.

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