With five years of marathon magic done and dusted, the Access Lagos City Marathon Team made up of the amazing administrators, the awesome sponsors, the incredible technical team, the selfless volunteers and last, but by no means least, the Government and people of the great Lagos State, I think I can make bold to say that this has been a job well done and a great feat indeed. I still remember the first one in 2015, the vibe was crazy; we knew we were involved in something special, but when something is starting out, you have no history to go by. Five years later and the Access

Lagos City Marathon is such a fantastic addition to the timeline of our lives.
No, I did not forget the runners; the ‘Special Ones’ of the marathon, both local and International, they make the marathon, they give it that electricity that sets crowds on fire with ecstasy at the finish point. We are always awed at their slight frames, zero body fat, and rock hard concentration. They are like ethereal beings as they stride across the finish line, in what we know is an almost impossible task for the vast majority of us. They breathe the same air, but 42 kilometers is child’s play to them.

Then there are the ‘Other Special Ones’ of the marathon, mainly local with some non-nationals, they bravely come out to make the marathon fun. Some run for glory, some for the experience, some for different causes and some for the water, 7up and snacks. The first three groups make us happy; they are stoic and orderly and always say thank you for the most little assistance they get. The last group is a terror; they sometimes push and beat us up, demand stuff they know we can’t give, complain about everything including their relatives and are ready to fight at the drop of a hat…but we love them anyway!!

This year was awesome as usual, we worked our socks off, but it was all good. Our dear VVIP’s and VIP’s; we see you too, we hope one day you will come to run so that we can see at the finish line where there is no champagne…but we love you too! What else can I say? The city of Lagos! You are the real MVP’s!! We block your streets and mess up your schedules, we drop litter everywhere, we force you to stay indoors till almost 3 pm, yet year after year, you let us #RUNOURRACE! Thank you so much!

Big shout out to all those who rock the Access Lagos Marathon, five years no be Moi Moi! As I swallow my Panadol Extra in pain, I honestly can’t wait for the 2021 Access Lagos City Marathon! We will all live longer because of this! Viva La Marathon! Viva Lagos!

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