Maybe your superpower is writing. Maybe you are a healing force in your family or circle of friends. Maybe you are able to alleviate suffering. Maybe you love with an open heart. All of these superpowers are huge, trust me. They are big. They change lives. Those running for president may get all the attention, but the ones who deserve it — the ones who are really wearing the capes and making a difference — are the warriors of love, forgiveness, healing, etc. They are the ones on the frontlines of humanity who are impacting lives, one by one.


We all know some pretty amazing people; I know I have met quite a few of them in my life. People who make you wonder about how they have been able to do what they have done. People who inspire, people who astound, people who seem so blessed, so clever, so fortunate, so awesome. People who forgive so easily, who help so enthusiastically, who are always there when you need a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, some sound advice, a bit of money to tide you over, a strong arm to help you fight an injustice…the list is endless. Unfortunately, there are also just too many dreadful and surly people who use their office or influence to terrorize others. They forget that they are human and that whatever a person sows, that will they reap a harvest of.

When my boys were children, they always wanted to dress up as superheroes, one loved Batman, one loved Spiderman and the other refused to choose a particular one but claimed he had all the powers of all the superheroes rolled into one. I just could not get him to chose just one so I could have a tailor do him an outfit to wear and do his superhero thing. He approved of all the superheroes but decided that he would be all of them. Instead of a cloak or cape or mask, he wore a battered, old, funny hat. He saved everyone in the world every day with his battered hat and worked really hard as a superhero. By bedtime, he would flop into bed exhausted and recount to me all he had done in the world that day. In his mind, he always used his superpowers to do good deeds and fight the bad guys.

Sadly, as he grew into a teen, he got caught by the computer game bug and his work around the world went out with a whimper. One day I asked him about righting all the wrongs and making the world safer. By this time, at the grand old age of eleven, he sighed and told me he could no longer save the world, that it was everybody’s job to do the right thing and that God was ultimately in control of it all. I smiled.

Yes indeed, it is everybody’s duty to always do the right thing; wherever we find ourselves, we ought to do the right thing. And yes, God is truly in control. But what is your superpower? Are you in a position to help others financially? Are you a great organizer? Are you an empathetic person who loves making peace? Are you a good teacher of truths? Do you have a special gift; singing, acting, writing, dancing that can be used to help people? Are you in a special position to right wrongs? Can you protect a vulnerable person? Can you speak out for someone who is being persecuted? Can you smile at a tired person who is having a rough day? Can you intervene to protect a subordinate from a senior? Can you buy a hungry person a good lunch or some groceries? Can you let someone ahead of you in traffic? Can you refuse to join ‘the dreadful and surly’ who delight in making others miserable? Can you do any good deeds?

I believe we all have the power to do good; we are all superheroes, we all have a superpower. And guess what? Every day is ‘Superhero Day’; therefore, every day is ‘Super Power Day’! Do we use this regularly to make a difference? The choice is yours, to use your superpower to do good daily, or to be a bad guy…a member of the dreadful and surly gang. My Dad would say, “Good guys always win in the end and fortunately, the bad guys always finish last.” I hope you will use your superpower today and every day. May the Almighty God, who fashioned you so uniquely and made you like no other person who has ever lived or will ever live, help you grow your unique superpower to the level where you positively affect the lives of everyone you meet; may He bless you to be a blessing and cause you to be an inspiration. Now wear your superhero cape with pride and go out there and save someone! Come on now, join the ‘ Good Guys’! Happy ‘Superhero Day’!

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