Today we went to two schools in Ketu to collaborate with Hope Ambassadors, run by Elder Taiwo and Sister Mandy Olowu. As an NGO also concerned with education (and other concerns) and fellow Global Goodwill Ambassadors, we love to come together to combine efforts so we can have a bigger impact on our work.

Today we were encouraged by our Country Chairman and International Board member of the Global Goodwill Ambassadors, Mr. Josh Daniel, who took time out of his busy schedule to give us his support.

The ‘My Body is My Body’ campaign, written, designed and produced by Chrissy Sykes, is a GGA backed program that seeks to inform and protect children from abuse. It is a campaign that has been running around the world by GGA members and others involved with education.

In addition to a great song, the children learn six cardinal points: 1) My body is my body. 2) Nobody has the right to touch me wrongly. 3) Nobody has the right to hurt me. 4) I have the right to say ‘NO’! 5) I should report anybody who tries to abuse me. 6) I won’t keep any secrets from those who care for me. They also learned to inform others of the cardinal points of the program. We need the abuse of children to stop, it is sad and terrible and a crime. If children can be taught to report would-be abusers, this will go a long way to ending this behavior.

We say a huge thank you to Chrissy Sykes, Hope Ambassadors and the Global Goodwill Ambassadors for this great program and on our part, we will keep collaborating to get this message out.

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