We spent our October visitation day with the beautiful residents of Bales of Mercy Orphanage in Ifako. It is always a pleasure to visit these special and beautiful children and to give them a few things that they will need. The needs are so many and so pressing; Lagos is a huge metropolis with hundreds of institutions that need resources to make life better for so many who are in need.

It is quite distressing to see how difficult life has become not only for Lagosians but also for all Nigerians. To make matters worse, NGOs that give the government a helping hand are also struggling with a heavy burden of a multitude of struggling and vulnerable people. We call on all well-meaning citizens to do something to help, especially the most vulnerable.

We thank the Management of Bales of Mercy for an excellent job done; you are real Champions! Please keep up the wonderful work you do. God bless and empower you to keep serving.

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