We at La Roche are so proud of our newest graduate, Ms. Merit Johnson. After several years of study she has successfully graduated with a B.SC in International Relations from the Great Lagos State University. Combining full time work with learning is never easy, so Merit is an inspiration to us all.

Education is something that one must pursue throughout life. We must never stop learning, be it formal, informal, even soft skills, we must keep doing what we can to improve ourselves. Do you know someone who wants to go back to school? Encourage them! Can you sponsor students to achieve their dreams of being graduates? Why not start today to give the best gift you can give someone, a good education! Donate books to a library, help a child with their homework, buy a student a school bag or a pair of school shoes. Encourage a teacher, paint a class room, become a volunteer at a local school, let’s all do whatever we can to move education forward.

Congratulations to all 2018 LASU graduates and congratulations Merit! We are proud of you!

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